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Petra is a seasoned professional with decades of business experience in international business development and finance. With Master’s Degrees in both Finance and Economics, her literacy in understanding the market implications for each home and circumstance is an invaluable asset for her clients.

Petra relocated to Seattle, Washington decades ago from her home in Slovenia, and since then her education and professional career moved her several times. These moves, coupled with her business insights, provide her with a unique understanding of the needs of her clients. Petra provides each client with constant communication, unique marketing opportunities, tireless work ethic, and global intelligence, unlike any other broker.

Petra has a diverse range of interests outside of real estate including interior design, trading classic cars, and baking. Her clients are often gifted interior design suggestions and unending cookies and cakes.
Licensed in Illinois and Indiana.

Petra Pavlic – 317.316.1440 | petra(at)atproperties(dotted)com

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